We work with vulnerable children and their families here at INARA. All of them have been impacted by the horrors of war, and the children suffer from painful injuries that have occurred due to conflict or living as a refugee

A big part of our job is telling their stories to the world in order to raise the funds needed to provide them with medical assistance. 

We understand that many of our supporters, upon reading these stories, want to pass on kind messages to the children and their families. All of these will be passed on. We do however, discourage all supporters from direct contact with the children.

These children have lost so much already. Although we know you mean well, we do not want to put these children in a position where they may be harmed. This includes, for example, forming an attachment to someone who may not always be there for them.

If you would like to pass on a message of support, please do so on the form below or via Twitter and Facebook.

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