The INARA journey

  • A child is referred to us. We get referrals from a number of places - including medical organizations, other NGOs, professionals and sometimes also in person.

  • We then assess the child's medical needs. When we accept a case there are two routes that the child can go down with their INARA journey...

  1. Our main priority is to take on cases no one else can. When we take on these cases we fully finance the medical treatment and logistical costs involved in supporting the child.
    The child gets treated and we continually check up on how they're doing. The child receives the treatment needed.
  2. We work hard to find an organization who can help the child. In certain cases there's an organization within our network of NGOs which already provides the medical treatment the child needs.
    We match the child to the right organization and follow up until they have received their treatment.