Treating children with conflict related injuries is a complicated, lengthy and expensive process. To help you understand what your donation could mean for a Syrian refugee child, we’ve explained below.


This would pay for a child like Rouba’s medicine costs for an entire week. Medication prevented her burns from getting any more infected and stopped her getting sepsis.


This covered the cost of Fatima’s x-ray, which uncovered that she had the remnants of fingers left attached to her hands.


Transportation for Adnan to get to and fro his physiotherapy sessions. This helps him to strengthen his upper body, and will ensure he can lead a more independent life.


One child’s recovery time in a hospital bed for about half a day.


This could pay for a small surgery. For instance, this was the cost to remove Hamida’s hernia.


This could pay for a more complicated surgery such as Khaled’s. $1,000 removed the scar tissue locking his arm, and enabled him to move freely.


This is the average cost of treating an INARA child from start to finish.