Call for applications: Board members (applicant must be residing in Turkey)


International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance (INARA) commenced their work in Lebanon in 2015, providing a much needed but neglected specialized type of humanitarian assistance to children that had been horribly injured during the current Syrian conflict. These children suffered injuries that were not only life threatening but also life crippling. Their suffering was set to continue throughout their lives, both physically and mentally. INARA has been able to implement medical programming to not only relieve this suffering but to also bring about permanent change to many children thus ensuring a sustainable improvement in their health, future and outlook.

We provide specialized medical treatments for children that have been injured by war. No other organization does this. It is why INARA exists, it is why INARA was established; to address a need that has been ignored yet is so crucial. INARA has access to those children within Syria and the ability to bring them across borders. We allow children and their families the chance for a better, more independent future and the opportunity to return to their homes without the fear of no solution to their current medical plight.

INARA has matured and grown into a dedicated and specialized provider of children’s humanitarian assistance. The resulting increase in experience and capacity has now allowed INARA to begin to increase the scope of their services by increasing the number of beneficiaries assisted annually and also geographically by expanding into other neighboring countries where the need is just a great.

INARA has a vision: to help those children suffering from catastrophic injuries or illnesses due to conflict by ensuring that they receive life-altering and life-saving assistance. Realizing this vision means overcoming huge and complex challenges in an increasingly violent world. We live in a world that has sufficient resources, means, and knowledge to help these children, yet our leaders struggle to find the political resolution. A clear change in direction is urgently needed before their injuries and illness transform into permanent, debilitating suffering that will not only affect a child as he or she moves into adulthood but will also continue to be an everlasting liability to their community requiring ongoing financial, physical and psychological assistance. INARA intends to provide cost effective care that will ultimately allow children to recover from their injuries or illness and to become confident, productive and independent members of their society.

INARA’s current focus on the Syrian conflict has allowed us to achieve great inroads into the daunting task of providing a greatly neglected aspect of humanitarian assistance in a country that has been subjected to a level of focused and direct violence against innocent children the likes of which has never been seen before. Medical facilities and personnel have been deliberately targeted resulting in a massive degradation of the medical capacity required to deal with children’s injuries such as burns, lost limbs, loss of sight etc.

INARA is able to provide this treatment at specialist facilities outside of Syria by providing transport, host accommodation, funding for treatment and follow up care.

INARA is now operating a Turkish registered affiliate “Savastan Etkilenen Çocuklara Yardim Dernegi Geçici” (Association of Children Affected by War).

INARA is looking to recruit members of civil society to serve on INARA’s Turkish Board. Please note that serving on the Board is completely voluntary. There is no remuneration or financial compensation of any kind. INARA is looking for candidates with a range of skills and experience. These are listed below:


  • Passionate and committed to the eradication of violence and discrimination against women and girls

  • Willingness to act as an ambassador for INARA

  • Willingness to fulfill the fiduciary duties and uphold ethical standards of conduct as required of a board member of a registered non-profit organization

  • Understand the plight of Syrian refugees in current contexts

  • Availability to attend quarterly meetings (either in person or via Skype) and on occasion be called upon to sign funding contracts on behalf of the organization and participate in big events and fundraising activities (other expectations are noted below)

  • Responsive to emails and other communication.


  • Ability to understand and interrogate financial reports

  • Strategic planning skills

  • Risk management skills

  • Analytical skills

  • Ability to operate as a team

  • Ability to network and advocate on behalf of the organization

  • Good English language skills.

Experience (in at least one of the areas listed below)

  • Experience in financial management

  • Fundraising (e.g. from individuals, businesses, corporate companies or other)

  • Media, communications or PR (including social media)

  • Understanding of issues related to Human Resources.

Board members are expected to:

  • Attend board meetings and an annual general meeting. Board meetings will generally be held via Skype or in Istanbul

  • Participate in the organization’s strategic review and planning sessions which happen every two years

  • Assist in fundraising for the organization

  • Participate in sub-committees and guide the organization towards better heights

  • Be committed to the organization and be able to give a reasonable amount of time and attention to the organization.

For further information please contact Mr. Michael Butt (Regional Manager at INARA) on 05392665143 or

Send your CV and letter of motivation to by the March 15, 2019 with “INARA Board Member Application” in the email title.