Dear Friends,

INARA is a charity that is very close to our hearts.  It was started by a friend and colleague, CNN's Arwa Damon, and operates in Lebanon providing life-saving medical care for children from conflict zones who have catastrophic injury or illness and are unable to access treatment due to war.

We chose this charity because many of the refugee children it helps don't fit the funding criteria of mainstream NGOs.  We have seen first hand the kind work they do, not just emergency medical care but also reconstructive surgeries that are vital to a child being able to live a semi-normal life.

Also, every penny goes directly to helping the children, which is one of the reasons we love this charity.

When you donate, please make sure you specify that you're donating for us in the reason box so we know.

Thank you so much for choosing to donate, it means so much to us.


Sherine & Sharif