This Ramadan help a child like Amjad

“Yes, I live under a tent,” Amjad’s father tells us. “But my brother lives under the fear of constant bombs. We could have it much worse.”

One day, the family’s tent caught fire. Amjad was trapped inside. His family managed to rescue him, but the young boy had savage burns to his feet. The burns were so bad that his toes fused together, and he was in constant pain just trying to walk. The family had no money to pay for the treatment he needed. They were desperate and didn’t know who to turn to for help.

This was Amjad’s life before he met INARA. We provided him with the life-altering medical treatment that he so desperately needed, ensuring his wounds were properly treated so that he could walk properly again without pain. Now he loves running around, playing with his brothers, and is learning French at school.

We couldn’t have helped Amjad if people didn’t donate. There are plenty of other children from Syria that are living as refugees in Lebanon that desperately need medical attention. This Ramadan - do something to help them!

Last Ramadan we managed to raise over $5,000. This Ramadan we want to double that and raise $10,000 in donations from you! And don't forget that up until July 31 every single dollar you donate will be doubled!

This means that we would be able to treat five more children who, like Amjad, need our help.

So what can you do to help?

1. Donate your zakat to INARA
2. Donate on behalf of someone you love as a gift
3. Set up a monthly donation to continue helping throughout the year
4. Tell your friends, family and loved ones about INARA and encourage them to donate