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This Ramadan, do whatever you can to help wounded refugee children like Azouz and your donations will be doubled!

Azouz was only a few months old when his face was badly burnt. While he slept, an electrical surge caused sparks to fly, setting fire to his mattress, and engulfing the tiny boy in flames.

 So far we’ve provided Azouz with one surgery. But the severity of his injuries will mean that he needs years of treatment in order to lead a future free of disability.

This Ramadan we’re trying to raise as much money as possible in order to help Azouz and children like him. So far we have had $18,500 pledged to us. That means that every single dollar donated to our Ramadan Appeal will be doubled up until we reach that figure. So please, do what you can today to help children in desperate need of help.

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So what can you do to help?

1. Donate your zakat to INARA
2. Donate on behalf of someone you love as a gift
3. Pledge money to INARA to continue our doubling campaign
4. Set up a monthly donation to continue helping throughout the year
5. Tell your friends, family and loved ones about INARA and encourage them to donate
6. Check your place of work to see if they will match funds.

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