Ever wondered how you can help refugee children from Syria?

Well, it might be as simple as donating to INARA today. The amazingly funny people at Raise the Roof are helping us to raise funds this December. These donations will be used to provide life-altering medical treatment to children who have been injured either in the war, or from living as refugees in Lebanon.

Take Hassan (above) as an example. He lives in a tent in the north of Lebanon with his family. One day, while his mother boiled water outside, Hassan tripped and fell into the boiling water hands first. The burns were so severe that the fingers on his right hand fused together. It makes even holding a pen to draw or write difficult.

With donations, we paid for a surgery to release Hassan's fingers. He is healing well and we look forward to the day that he can hold a pen, draw, and even go to school.

With donations from everyone who listens to the Raise the Roof podcast, we can help to build happier futures for injured refugee children like Hassan. Do something incredible today and donate to INARA.