INARA Strategic plan Arwa Damon CNN Syrian refugee

Our Strategic plan for the next two years (2017 and 2018) has the belief that we can change a child's narrative at its very heart. We have laid out five goals that will underpin all of our work - and enable us to be a stronger, better organization that can help more and more refugee children, and begin to turn these children away from despair and towards hope.

Our five goals are as follows: 

  1. Reach more refugee children and ensure they get the needed medical treatment

  2. Grow INARA's global recognition

  3. Expand our network of partners - both medical providers and humanitarian organizations within Lebanon and regionally

  4. Diversify our funding base

  5. Grow our workforce to achieve these goals.

The highlights from our first year and a half in operation enabled us to set these five goals for the next two years. We have identified what we know works for INARA, and what we want to build on to make INARA a sustainable and successful organization that will be able to help refugee children in desperate need of medical treatment. 

Read our Strategic plan here (339KB)