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Jaafar was born just two months ago in June. He has one older sister. “She’s very jealous of all the attention we give to him,” his father tells us, laughing.

Jaafar was born with clubfoot on both feet. Doctors at the hospital in which he was born tried to help, but after a number of casting sessions the family did not notice any improvements. In addition, they had managed to spend all their money on trying to help their son.

“My daughter was ill before he was born,” Jaafar’s Dad explains. “We spent a lot of money on trying to help her, and once she was better, Jaafar was born with clubfoot.”

After running out of money, the family went to UNHCR for help. They referred them to us. After meeting our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, a medical plan was agreed. Jaafar will have a series of castings. After that, he will have a tenotomic surgery on his Achilles, and will have to wear a brace until he is two or three years of age.

“My son’s future will be completely changed,” Jaafar’s father tells us. “He’ll be able to walk, go to school, graduate, get a job, and find a beautiful girl to marry. He can have a happy future.”

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