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Hamoudi’s family left their area in Syria for the weekend to visit family members in Lebanon. When they went back, their area was under siege, and everything was barricaded. They had no way to get back in, and still to this day don’t know if their house is standing.

“We didn’t notice that Hamoudi’s feet were different until it was too late.”

Hamoudi was born in Lebanon with clubfoot. His family immediately sought out treatment, and used all their savings to provide him it. But after six months of treatment, they saw no progress. That is when they went to Handicap International, who informed the family about INARA’s orthopedic program.

Hamoudi, who is now two years of age, will need two or three casting sessions. Following that, he will be provided with orthopedic shoes that he will need to wear for two or three years, which will correct his deformity, and ensure he can lead a happier and healthier future.

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