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Hiba’s parents are very much in love. Hiba’s father, Majd, came to Lebanon before the war to find work. He had met Rasha just before he left for Lebanon, at a party of his family’s friends. They spent a whole year messaging each other every single day. Shortly after the war broke out, they got married.

Rasha remained in Syria until 2014. When we ask her what made her decide to leave her country behind, she seems upset. “Everything happened when I was there,” she tells us. We don’t push her for more details.

When Rasha became pregnant with Hiba, they were very excited. Hiba was born just three weeks ago at the pointing of writing (in February 2018) with clubfoot. “I felt so afraid,” Rasha tells us. “I was afraid that this condition would be irreversible. She’s just a baby, but I had already started to worry about her future.”

Hiba’s father works with the brother of a doctor at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). When he told his colleague at work about his daughter’s condition, his colleague told him to get in touch with his brother. This is how the family came to find out about INARA’s clubfoot project, working with doctors at AUBMC.

Hiba is now getting casting sessions. She may need a future surgery on her Achilles, but at the moment it’s not clear whether she will need it or not.

Hiba’s treatment has been funded by generous donations from our supporters as well as funding from UNICEF.

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