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Two-year old Heyam was born as a refugee in Lebanon, far from Syria, the country where her parents are from. They live in a very poor area; their house doesn’t have water, and they have had to move regularly because they have suffered from insults and threats from local residents because they are Syrian.

Heyam was born with clubfoot. “We were upset,” her father tells us, throwing his hands up in the air in frustration.

“What can we do? We had no idea what doctors to go to or what the right treatment was for her.”

The family took Heyam to a doctor who promised to treat her foot surgically, but the surgery went wrong. “Her foot is still bad, it might even be worse,” her father tells us.

The father was told about INARA and contacted us. We brought Heyam in for a consultation with Dr Taha at AUBMC, who explained that she will need serial casting over a number of weeks, followed by an Achilles tenotomy (a procedure that involves cutting the tendons in the feet), and special shoes to help reset her foot in the correct position.

Heyam’s treatment was made possible by your donations and funding from UNICEF.

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