Thomas Sadoski visits INARA in Lebanon

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INARA board member, actor and humanitarian Thomas Sadoski came to Lebanon this August to visit our program in Lebanon. This visit was to help increase awareness of our work with war-wounded refugee children from Syria to a larger audience.

Arwa Damon Thomas Sadoski INARA in Lebanon

The visit also coincided with INARA’s fourth birthday. In the past four years INARA has helped well over 200 children by providing them with much-needed medical treatment to help them to lead happier and healthier futures.

As part of his visit, Thomas met with INARA founder Arwa Damon, two of our incredible doctors, Dr. Amir Ibrahim and Dr. Ghassan Abu Sittah from the American University of Beirut Medical Center, and numerous children – including home visits to Rafik and Lia.

Speaking about his trip, Thomas Sadoski said:

“Part of my job here, bearing witness to the work that INARA is doing is also to bear witness to what has happened to these children, and also to bear witness to the parents, to ask them what happened? Because these people do not have access, you don’t hear their stories. And there are so many of them.

“These people just want a home, with all that that entails: safety, security, peace, ease, a life, opportunity, a future. Things that they can give their children, that so many of us just take for granted, that have been stolen from these families, that have been stolen from these children.

“Very rarely in this world are you given an opportunity to take your hard earned dollar, put it on a table, slide it across to an organization and see it do real, actual, tangible good almost immediately. That happens with us; that happens with INARA.

“The war has slipped the headlines, but the need for INARA is growing. The work that we are doing is more essential now than it was four years ago.”

Please take the time to do what you can today to help children in need by donating.

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