INARA raises over $75,000 during the holidays

In total, we raised over $75,000 during the holiday period. $60,000 of this money came through our Christmas Appeal, and the remainder was donated during December. This total is enough to provide medical treatment to approximately 15 war wounded refugee children from Syria.

This large number was achieved thanks to a number of people who pledged money to the Christmas Appeal – including humanitarians and actors Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski. Every donation up until we raised $20,000 was doubled by the amazing people who pledged money.

Founder Arwa Damon said of the success of the Christmas Appeal: “This is a reminder that, although Syria isn’t in the headlines as much as it used to be, people still care. By coming together during Christmas, we can help to build happier and healthier futures for war wounded children. In doing so, we’re helping to change their narratives. Instead of their lives being defined by the injuries they have sustained, they will instead also be defined by the kindness of strangers. Thank you to all who donated!”

This was our second most successful Christmas campaign. 500 people donated from all over the world, and the campaign was such a success that we had to increase our target twice.

War wounded refugee children from Syria are in need all year around, not just at Christmas. You can do something incredible to support them today by donating, or giving all year round by setting up a monthly donation.

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