INARA awarded $35,000 by Kathryn McQuade Foundation

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INARA has been awarded $35,000 by the Kathryn McQuade Foundation to help fund the day-to-day operational costs involved in providing life-altering medical treatment for wounded refugee children.

The Kathryn McQuade Foundation was established in December 2013 by Kathryn B. McQuade, after she had worked in the business community for 33 years. The organization’s mission is to tackle the injustices waged against women and children globally, and provide them the opportunity and resources to succeed, in order to make sustainable improvements in women and child’s rights, education and welfare.

Speaking about receiving this grant, founder Arwa Damon said: “This funding comes at a pivotal point in INARA’s existence, as we begin to look at expanding beyond Lebanon. We are thrilled with the Kathryn McQuade Foundation’s investment in us which will allow us to further our efforts to provide life altering medical care to our children."

Kathryn McQuade explained the reasons behind the Foundation’s decision to fund INARA: “The types of injuries, both mental and physical, children suffer in war or while living as a refugee are unimaginable and heartbreaking. The Foundation supports the individualistic approach INARA uses to ensure each child gets the appropriate and best possible treatment, enabling the child a potential future.”

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