INARA awarded over $160,000 to continue to partner with UNICEF in Lebanon

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INARA will be awarded $164,700 by UNICEF to continue our partnership with them in Lebanon until the end of 2018.

We will use this money to provide medical treatment to 60 refugee children in Lebanon. This includes children that have been injured as a result of conflict, injured while living as refugees in Lebanon, or born with clubfoot.

INARA has partnered with UNICEF since August 2016. In this time we have been awarded almost $800,000.

“In a large scale, protracted emergency, where country-wide health responses are to cater to huge population groups, children that require more complex medical interventions, often risk falling through the cracks. That is why UNICEF works with INARA; to reach the more disadvantaged children and prevent life-long disabilities. At the same time, we’re analyzing which hurdles need to be removed and how we can change current policies, so that a greater number of children – and eventually every child – has access to these services,” said Violet Speek Warnery, deputy representative of UNICEF Lebanon.

Speaking about UNICEF’s investment, our founder Arwa Damon said: “UNICEF’s funding has enabled INARA to expand to help more children over the past two years. In 2017, we helped 93 children in total – triple the number of children we managed to help in the previous year. This is down to UNICEF’s support and faith in our organization to provide world-class medical treatment to refugee children, and to help that child from the point at when we meet them until they are able to overcome their injuries.”

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