INARA raises over $25,000 during Ramadan

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This Ramadan we managed to raise over $25,000 to help refugee children in desperate need of medical attention.

This is over double the amount we managed to raise during our Ramadan Appeal last year ($11,000). This is in large parts thanks to some of our amazing donors (including actors and humanitarians Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski) who pledged $9,500 towards a match funding campaign during the Appeal. Every dollar up until we reached that point was effectively doubled. 

We received donations from 108 people from eleven countries around the world.

Each INARA case in 2017 cost $5,133 on average - so thanks to the amazing generosity shown to us during Ramadan we will be able to help approximately five extra refugee children in the near future.

Founder Arwa Damon said: "Our fundraising keeps going from strength to strength and we are so grateful to those who have donated during Ramadan. We cannot do this work without your support. Thank you."

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