Prize winning journalist donates proceeds from new book to INARA

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Prize winning journalist Rania Abouzeid will donate a portion of her earnings for her new book, No Turning Back: Life, Loss, and Hope in Wartime Syria, to INARA.

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A print and television journalist with over fifteen years of experience covering the Middle East, Rania has recently released her first book, No Turning Back. The book tells the tragedy of the Syrian War through the dramatic stories of four young people seeking safety and freedom in a shattered country.

Rana Abouzeid said: “I’m grateful to organizations like INARA that are apolitical, non-sectarian and put every cent where it is most needed. INARA is on the frontline of a massive Syrian humanitarian crisis and I’m honored to contribute whatever I can to help. It is the least I can do. We may feel helpless as individuals given the size of the need, but together I’m convinced we can make a difference. Every bit helps, no matter how small.”

Speaking about Rania’s incredible generosity, founder Arwa Damon said: “Rania’s book is one of the best books I have ever read on Syria. I’m so touched and grateful that she will be donating some of her earnings to INARA. It will mean that Syrian children in great need of medical treatment won’t fall through the gaps in medical provision here in Lebanon – and will remind them that people do still care.”

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