Photographer Andrew Janjigian to donate free print to supporters who set up new monthly donation

The print,  Whirling Spiral

The print, Whirling Spiral

Photographer Andrew Janjigian will be donating one of his incredible prints to US-based supporters who subscribe to donate $25 or more each month to INARA.

Andrew Janjigian is a Senior Editor at Cook’s Illustrated Magazine in Boston, and a film photographer specializing in portraiture and landscapes. The photo that Andrew Janjigian will be donating a print of is entitled Whirling Spiral and was made at a traditional dervish ceremony in Istanbul, during a food research trip to eastern Turkey in early 2015.

Speaking about this offer, Andrew Janjigian said: “I recently traveled to eastern Turkey, where I saw firsthand the many people fleeing the war just across the border in Syria. The work that INARA does for refugee and conflict-affected children in need of medical services is essential, and I am happy to help out by sharing this image of peace.”

All you need to do is sign up to donate $25 or more and the first 30 new US-based supporters will be posted an exclusive 8.5x11 print.