Reaching new children in need of medical help

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We have launched a new outreach program, to reach new children in desperate need of medical treatment.

We are partnering with one Primary Health Care Center (PHCC) in the north of Lebanon to identify new cases that we may be able to help, with more partnerships with other PHCCs expected in the near future. This will take the form of bi-monthly screening sessions, where PHCC staff and INARA caseworkers can find potential children in need of our services.

Alongside this, we have recruited four community volunteers. Primarily they will be helping us to find wounded children in their own local communities who could benefit from medical treatment by sharing our criteria. They will also disseminate general health and hygiene information, as well as providing advice on the prevention of some of the most typical injuries we see (for instance children burnt by boiling water).

Following the first screening session, which took place on October 20 in Tripoli, seven potential cases were identified with. They will be coming in for medical assessments at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) in the coming weeks.

Batoul, whose father is volunteering for INARA

Batoul, whose father is volunteering for INARA

One of the volunteers is the father of one of the children we work with, Batoul. He explained to us why he chose to volunteer: “The main reason I volunteered is because I have lived the experience of being a distressed father, because of what happened to my daughter. For a long time I felt completely helpless to get her the treatment she needed. So now I am trying to help match those who have similar cases to Batoul to the help that they need. I want to link INARA with all those in need.”

Speaking about the launch of the outreach program, Michael Butt, our new Regional Manager, said: “There are many children in Lebanon that are in need of our help, but their parents don’t know that help is available. Coming to a new country as a refugee, and trying to navigate the many different organizations out there to try and find someone who can help is often confusing, and takes time. By launching this outreach program, we hope to spread the word about our work directly to communities in the north of Lebanon, so that we can help children in need.”

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