Musician Nadine Shah gifts INARA birthday song

Musician Nadine Shah has gifted INARA a special, exclusive version of her current single Holiday Destination to celebrate our second birthday.

Holiday Destination was re-recorded by Nadine Shah and her band this August to help recognize our amazing work in helping refugee children from Syria get the life-altering medical treatment they so desperately need.

Speaking about the new version of Holiday Destination and why she wanted to work with INARA, Nadine Shah said: “Prior and during the making of the album I was researching a lot about refugees. I met with many people including Imran Khan from Al Jazeera English who told me about the charity he volunteered for, INARA. Immediately when I heard about what work they did I wanted to be involved. This is hopefully the first of many collaborations we could do together.”

INARA’s founder Arwa Damon spoke with gratitude of Nadine Shah’s incredible gift on our second birthday. “I absolutely love the song and the video, and I cannot thank Nadine enough for this beautiful gift to INARA. We really hope that it will introduce our work to a whole new audience, and in turn help us to grow and expand so we can help more children in need.”

Since INARA first launched we have helped 79 refugee children and spent just under $270,000 on providing medical treatment. These include children like Fatima, who lost her hands in an explosion in Syria. Using generous donations from people across the globe, we will provide Fatima with a functioning prosthetic hand to help her to lead a better life, and do everyday items like brush her hair or eat.

You can help other children like Fatima today by donating to INARA at