INARA raises over $11,000 during Ramadan – enough to help two extra refugee children

We raised over $11,000 this Ramadan, beating our target and also doubling the amount of money raised last year during our Ramadan Appeal. The money raised will ensure that we can help two extra refugee children in the near future, by providing them with much-needed life-altering medical treatment.

We launched our Ramadan Appeal at the start of the holy month on May 27. During this time 53 people from across the globe, including Japan, the US, and South Africa, donated to us in a huge display of generosity.

Our founder Arwa Damon said: “Doubling the amount we raised during last year’s Ramadan Appeal just shows that we are growing as an organization. It’s incredible to see that, after six years of war in Syria, people from across the world are still doing everything they can to help refugee families who have suffered so much.

“We cannot do the work that we do without our supporters. I just want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who donated, shared our stories online, and helped us to reach this goal.”