INARA hits target of raising $100,000 - with every single dollar doubled by The Secular Society

With your help we managed to raise $100,000 in less than five months. Every single dollar in that time was doubled by The Secular Society, meaning we have raised $200,000 to provide medical treatment for refugee children from Syria.

The Secular Society, a non-profit organization that funds projects across the world that advance the interests of women and the arts, agreed to match every single dollar donated to INARA between February 1 and July 31 – until we reached $200,000.

However, our avid supporters have been incredibly generous and helped us to reach this target in less than five months.

Speaking about this incredible achievement, Arwa Damon, President of INARA, said: “We’re really proud that we have managed to raise so much money in less time than we expected. It really does go to show that, despite what we see every day in the news, there is a huge amount of kindness and generosity in this world.

“The money that we have raised will ensure that we can provide much-needed medical treatment to even more refugee children in the near-future. We will also be using the money donated by The Secular Society to help fund our operational costs.”