Our founder Arwa Damon receives first ever World of Children Crisis Award

Last night (Wednesday, April 19) our founder Arwa Damon was awarded the first ever World of Children Crisis Award at a star-studded ceremony in Los Angeles.

This year was the third ever World of Children Hero Awards, recognizing extraordinary individuals working to unlock the future for vulnerable children around the world. Arwa was presented the award for her work helping refugee children access life-altering medical treatment in Lebanon.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Arwa said: “We may not be able to stop the bullets and the bombs, but we can help to ease the pain and suffering they are causing to innocent children. Being here today is a reminder of that.”

Alongside the award, Arwa also received $60,000 raised by World of Children and the US Fund for UNICEF. This money will be used by INARA to provide medical assistance to even more refugee children.

In a joint statement about Arwa’s award, Caryl Stern, CEO of US Fund for UNICEF, and Harry Leibowitz, Co-Founder of World of Children, said: “Now more than ever, the growing humanitarian crisis affecting the children caught in wars in Syria and Iraq needs our attention. No one person or group can manage the enormity of the crisis, but, together, by leveraging our strengths, we can make a difference.

“Working together and strategically applying our joint assets we are able to significantly increase the positive impact we can have. We are proud to be a part of supporting the urgent life-saving medical work being done for Syrian and Iraqi child refugees by our hero, Ms. Arwa Damon and her team at INARA. Arwa is truly giving one of the greatest gifts of all – unlocking the future for children.”

World of Children’s sole mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable children. They believe that the best way to change children’s lives is by identifying and elevating effective child advocates and their work. Three other individuals received awards on the night:

Arwa Damon World of Children Award INARA Lily Aldridge
  • Meghan Pasricha, who harnesses the power of youth to change the world through her organization Global Youth H.E.L.P.

  • Dr Jorge Rojas-Zegers, who provides holistic treatment for young burn victims in South America through his organization COANIQUEM

  • Dr Jumana Odeh, who provides treatment for children with special needs in Palestine through her organization Palestinian Happy Child Centre.