Adnan to take part in the Barcelona Marathon

We’re really excited to let you know that Adnan will be taking part in the Barcelona Marathon this weekend (Sunday, March 12).

A few weeks ago, Adnan did an interview with TV3 in Catalunya. In the piece he discussed the difficulties he has overcome since being shot in the spine in Syria, and mentioned that he had taken part in the Beirut Marathon’s Special Needs race, coming in third place two years ago.

People from the Barcelona Marathon, the Department of Foreign Affairs at the Government of Catalunya and Catalunya Radio saw this interview and worked together to do something incredible for Adnan. They liaised with INARA, who put them in touch with Adnan and his father, and invited them both to come to Barcelona to take part in the marathon.

Early in the morning on Thursday, March 9, Adnan and his father got on their first flight and jetted off to Barcelona. Speaking in Beirut Airport, Adnan said: “I’m really glad that I will be able to go to Spain and have this experience and visit new places there. I want to take pictures of everything. I’m also going to participate in the Barcelona Marathon. This is happening so fast… I never imagined I would be able to travel. This is a really great experience for me and it’s a dream to get this. Hopefully better things await me there.”

On the back of this, everyone who worked together to make Adnan’s trip happen have also launched a fundraising campaign on Migranodearena - to raise money to help the other refugee children from Syria that INARA works with.

We’ll be posting updates from Adnan’s trip to Barcelona on our blog soon!