Double your impact for Syria's wounded children until New Year

In the first 24 hours, we managed to raise $2,500 - with every single dollar tripled thanks to the generosity of humanitarian and actor Thomas Sadoski and an anonymous donor.

On the back of this success, another anonymous donor came forward and agreed to contribute $3,000 if we could match that. We did!

Now Amanda Hite is upping the challenge and will match the next $1,500.

Let's keep this generous momentum going!

Help us hit $7,000 and your dollar will mean so much more!

So dig deep this holiday season and make sure you select 'Thomas Sadoski' under campaigns on our donate page.

"Remember all the horrific images we have seen from Syria, all the wounded children. They still need our help even though Syria's violence is no longer dominating headlines," founder Arwa Damon said. "They deserve a healthier future, and we need your generosity to maximize this opportunity."

If you would like to do something amazing and match fund donations, please contact