INARA helps 100th child

We’re so proud to say that we have reached a huge milestone today – providing medical support to our 100th child.

The 100th child that we have provided support for is Rania. She was just nine years old when an airstrike hit her house in Syria. The young girl was badly burnt in the fire, and spent three months in hospital in Syria. Despite this, the burns on Rania’s young body were severe around her torso, and cause her a lot of irritation. She doesn’t go to school anymore as people bully her because of the burns.

For the past two years she has lived in Lebanon with her oldest sister as they look for the medical treatment that she needs. Her parents can’t come to Lebanon because the fire also destroyed their passports, and they are too poor to afford new ones. Without treatment doctors warned us that her growth would be stinted by the tight scars on her body.

Our founder and president, Arwa Damon, said: “We have not only been able to make a difference in the lives of 100 children, but 100 families. We could not have accomplished this without your support. This achievement is one that we share together."

INARA has provided a range of medical treatment to these 100 children, including a large number of children with burns as a result of either conflict or being injured due to living in unsafe and unhygienic refugee conditions. This year we have treated 13 refugee children so far who were born with orthopedic deformities (namely clubfoot and developmental dislocation of the hip), as a result of us launching a new project to help such children. You can read about many of our cases here.