Happy Holidays from INARA

We have been celebrating a great holiday season and a strong start to 2017 at INARA, closing our Christmas Appeal on January 6 with a total of $28,840.

We’re so grateful to the huge amount of people who donated through our Christmas Appeal. But even more impressive was the sheer amount of people who gave money to help the refugee children from Syria that we work with in December itself.

Over 700 people donated throughout the month of December, from countries across the globe. We managed to raise an incredible $105,171 altogether. This is almost three times the amount we raised in December 2015 - demonstrating how much INARA’s reach has grown in just one year.

This money could provide life-altering medical treatment to approximately 18 children in the near-future, with the average INARA case in 2015/16 costing $5,875.

Arwa Damon, President and co-founder of INARA, said: “2016 was a difficult year for so many refugees who have had to flee Syria in search of safety elsewhere.

“It’s something we say often here at INARA, but your donation can help to change these families’ narratives. We can begin to help them overcome that feeling of hopelessness and sense that the world has turned its back on them. Your donation can be truly transformative for these families.”