INARA draws in monthly donors

Just under three weeks ago, we launched a new appeal. The aim was to get enough people to sign up to donate monthly so that we could provide life altering medical treatment to one extra refugee child by August 2017.

After just 20 days, thanks to the kind generosity of donors, we’ve received monthly subscriptions that will total $7,610 by August next year. With the average case costing $5,875 in 2015/16, our goal was exceeded by almost $2,000.

This money will ensure that even more war-wounded refugee children from Syria who are based in Lebanon can get the medical treatment that they so desperately need.

People from across the globe have signed up to donate monthly to INARA as a result of this appeal - including the United Arab Emirates, Denmark, the United States, and the Netherlands.

Omran Daqneesh INARA

Arwa Damon, President of INARA, said: “The world recently paid attention to what Syrian children are going through when the image of Omran Daqneesh went viral. For the past five years, children across Syria have been exposed to the horrors of war, and have had their childhoods robbed from them. We at INARA can’t take back what these children have been through. But by providing these kids with the life-altering medical treatment that they need, we can help to build happier futures. Monthly donations allow us to do just that.”

Because of the huge success of this appeal, we have extended our goal and want to get enough monthly subscribers to sign up by the end of December that we can help two extra Syrian children by December 2017.

To do this, they would only need to raise $972.50 each month. That would equate to:

  • 20 people donating $50 per month
  • 39 people donating $25 per month
  • 65 people donating $15 per month.

To sign up and donate monthly, please click the button below: