INARA beats Ramadan Appeal target

At the start of Ramadan, we launched an appeal to help pay for at least one war-wounded Syrian refugee child’s medical treatment. At the close of this campaign, we’re proud to announce that we raised over $5,000.

As people across the world celebrate Eid, we wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone who donated. We managed to beat our target of $4,000 - enough to pay for the average cost of one child’s medical treatment at INARA.

The extra $1,000 that was raised could help us to pay for a minor surgery - like the hernia removal that we provided to Hamida after she was shot in the stomach.

Arwa Damon, President of INARA, said: “In raising even more money than we’d hoped, we’re able to help more children and families. It reminds us that there are people out there who are kind, loving, and care about people who have lost everything due to the tragedies of war.

“We have a steady flow of cases being referred to us every day. The generous donations that we received this Ramadan will mean we can take these children off of our waiting list, and start matching them to the life-altering medical treatment that they need.”