INARA beats Christmas Appeal target with days to go until Christmas

We’re really pleased to announce that with just under a week to go until Christmas Day, we have reached our target of $15,000! As a result, we are raising our target to $25,000.

Since we launched our Christmas Appeal on November 23, 157 people have donated to our campaign, helping us to raise over $15,000. This will enable us to help at least three extra refugee children in the near future - maybe even more.

Because we have been so impressed by the generosity of people out there, we are raising our target to $25,000. Our Appeal will finish on January 6 so there is still lots of time to donate and help us to raise money extra money towards our Christmas Appeal!

Our founder Arwa Damon said: “I’m so impressed that people out there are doing so much to help refugee children from Syria. I’m sure many people have seen the horrendous footage of people suffering in Aleppo and felt the need to do something to help people who have been forced to flee their homes in Syria.

“As I’ve said before, your donations can and do make a difference to these families’ lives. We can help to change their narrative by reminding them that people out there do care about them, and do want to help them.”

There are lots of different ways you can help refugee children this Christmas:

  • Donate to INARA

  • Donate on behalf of someone you love and give the gift of health

  • Sign up to donate monthly

  • Host a Christmas event and donate the proceeds to INARA

  • Tell everyone you know about our work.