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This August, we are celebrating our third birthday!

In the past three years we have provided treatment to over 150 wounded refugee children. Not only that, but we’ve helped to build happier and healthier futures for these children and their families.

This August, why not do something to help us spread the word about our work? We’ve listed a few ideas below about how you might be able to help, but if you have a birthday idea for us, please feel free to share it with us at contact@inara.org – we’d love to hear it!

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Throw a birthday party

Is your birthday in August? Why not set up a birthday fundraiser for us in this month using JustGiving? Even if your birthday isn’t in August, you may want to think about setting one up!

Make us a birthday cake

Bake INARA a birthday cake and take it into your place of work or study and help us raise money by selling slices. Every single dollar raised helps us reach more children!

Send us a birthday message

If you can’t throw us a party or bake us a cake, then we hope you’ll at least give us a nice birthday message. Use this as an opportunity to tell your loved ones about the amazing work that we do and you could maybe introduce someone new to our organization. Use #inaraturns3 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and we’ll share it with our followers too!

Give us a birthday gift

A donation is the perfect birthday gift that you can give us. No matter how big or small your donation, we will be able to use it to do something truly amazing. Whether that’s something as small as giving a child the medication they need, or something as big as providing a surgery, your donation can make a difference.

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