Giving Tuesday (November 28)

Every single day this year, Jamil has woken up in a tent. In the summer it’s so hot that he can barely sleep. In the winter it’s so cold that he forgets what it feels like to be anything but cold. This is what life is like for many refugee children from Syria that live in Lebanon.

To make matters worse, Jamil was badly burnt in March this year when he accidentally spilled tea over his hands and elbow. Ever since, the burns have regularly become infected, and have formed hard webs of scars that restrict the movement on his elbow and hands.

#GivingTuesday is the most philanthropic day of the year, where the average person donates $140 to charity. Syria may not be in the news as much as it was just last year, but that doesn’t mean that children like Jamil aren’t struggling every single day.

Many refugee children in Lebanon are desperately in need of medical attention, but their families do not have the money needed to pay for it. This is where INARA steps in. We provide children with the life-altering medical treatment they need to live happy and healthy futures.

Your donation this #GivingTuesday could help us to really change a child’s life. If you do donate, tell people about it on social media so you can help us to spread the word about our work!

$15 could pay for a child like Rouba’s medicine for a week

$50 could cover the cost of an x-ray for a child like Fatima

$100 could cover the cost of a child’s transportation to and fro the hospital

$400 would pay for a child’s hospital stay for half a day

$500 could pay for a small surgery, like Hamida’s hernia operation

$1,400 could pay for a more expensive surgery, like the one that Jamil needs