Give up something and give back to refugee kids!

Over Lent, people all over the world will be giving something up. Rather than simply give up this year, give back! For instance, if you’re saying ‘no’ to chocolate for 40 days, you could probably save $40 if you bought one chocolate bar a day. These savings could be used to help refugee children in Lebanon who desperately need medical treatment.

Please let us know what you’re giving up on Facebook and Twitter by using #giveupforINARA. We’ll mention some of the best examples in our mail-outs and on social media.

This money could be used to help children like Yazan. Ever since a gas canister exploded next to him, Yazan has been bullied because of the burns on his face that pull on his neck and lip and restrict his movement. He dropped out of school because he couldn’t take how cruel the other children were to him. “I love school and I want to go back as soon as possible,” he tells us. “But I want to fix this ugly burn first so no one makes fun of me.”

Thanks to donations, Yazan has had a scar revision surgery to restore movement in his neck, and is healing well. He’s very much looking forward to going back to school.

We can only do this with your help. So this Easter, give something up and give back to help children like Yazan.