Domaining Europe helps INARA

Domaining Europe is an annual event that sees many top level decision makers from the global domain industry coming together, making business and sharing new ways of working. Every year, they pick an organisation to help raise money for - and this year they have picked INARA!

Sofia Karim, Programme Manager at INARA, said: "This is fantastic news to hear of such a high profile conference trying to help raise money for us. Every dollar that is donated enables us to help children who have fled conflict, and struggle to find access to the life-altering and life-saving medical treatment that they need."

As part of this, Domaining Europe is aiming to raise $4,000 to enable INARA to help pay for urgent medical treatment for Syrian refugee children. The average cost of medical treatment for one of the children that INARA takes on is about $4,000. So Domaining Europe could help to raise the funds needed to help a child like Sara, above. Read how INARA helped her.