Don't forget refugee children like Wassim this holiday season

Syria may not be in the news as much as it was before but that doesn’t mean that Syrian refugee families aren’t struggling every single day to survive.

Last Christmas Wassim was badly burnt. He and his family gathered around the fireplace to keep warm in their small, damp and draughty apartment. His mother was boiling tea on the fire. As the family huddled together trying to keep warm, Wassim’s brother accidentally knocked the teapot over Wassim’s legs, severely burning the young child.

Luckily INARA is here to step in for children like Wassim who have been injured in such a way. We also cover the cost of life-altering medical treatment for refugee children who were badly injured as a result of direct conflict in Syria, many of whom, despite having injuries for many years, are still in urgent need of medical care.

The only reason we can help these children and families is because of your donations. Last Christmas we managed to raise almost $29,000. This year we want to raise $35,000 – and we can only do that with your help.

What can you do this holiday season to change a child’s life?

1. Donate to INARA now

2. Set up a monthly donation to give throughout the year

3. Donate on behalf of someone you love as a Christmas gift

4. Donate while you shop by selecting us on Amazon Smile

5. Throw a small fundraising dinner with friends and family

6. Tell everyone you know about our work