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War wounded Syrian refugees have dreams…

Some of them dream of becoming doctors, or tailors, or computer engineers. Some of them dream of returning home to their country, which has been completely ravaged by years of war. And others simply dream of getting better.

This Christmas, we need your help to raise as much money as we can so we can help to make these dreams of a happier future possible. With every single dollar you donate, we are getting closer to treating more wounded children in desperate need of medical treatment.

Every dollar you donate up until we reach $18,450 will be doubled, thanks to amazing people who have pledged money to our Christmas Appeal. This includes actors and humanitarians, Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski, as well as some of our largest donors. Make sure you select Christmas Appeal on our donation page - or donate on the wheel below.

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So what can you do this holiday season to change a child’s life?

1. Donate to INARA now (don’t forget every dollar until we reach $18,450 is doubled)

2. Set up a monthly donation to give throughout the year

3. Donate on behalf of someone you love as a Christmas gift

4. Donate while you shop by selecting us on Amazon Smile

5. Throw a small fundraising dinner with friends and family

6. Tell everyone you know about our work

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