Casework Coordinator

CONTRACT: Full time position, one year renewable
DEADLINE: Friday, September 1

Job description

The Casework Coordinator is responsible for the Casework team at INARA. They will coordinate caseworkers in the life-altering injury and orthopedic projects as well as be responsible for the management of their own cases. They will undertake elements of strategic work as assigned to them by the Country Manager.  


The Casework Coordinator will head the Casework section at INARA. This means they are responsible for the management of two caseworkers under the life-altering project and one caseworker under the orthopedic project.

  • Leading in the development and implementation of new projects, with support from the Country Manager
  • Creating and updating of all case management documents with buy in from the Casework Team
  • Reporting on the progress of cases and other types of reporting on a monthly basis as per donor requirements
  • Assisting the Country Manager in the creation of a monitoring tool in order to monitor outcomes of beneficiary care and overall program implementation, according to INARA’s objectives
  • Assisting the Program Manager in evaluating the impact of INARA’s program
  • There may be times that the Casework Coordinator is required to take on additional tasks as and when they arise. The position holder must be flexible.

Case management

  • Identifying and receiving case referrals through engaging with existing or new referral networks both in and outside Beirut
  • Working to connect vetted cases with the appropriate medical provider and/or humanitarian organization, organizing logistical support and residential care as appropriate
  • Responsible for the ongoing management of the case including: accompanying beneficiaries to medical appointments, organizing follow ups and general liaison with medical providers and/or humanitarian organizations
  • Responsible for maintaining contact with the beneficiary, ensuring holistic support from case beginning to end. This includes establishing if there are any further needs which need to be addressed
  • Assisting with maintaining and creating a network of referral organizations and partnerships whilst boosting awareness or/and credibility for INARA.

Administration and other tasks

  • Responsible for updating the case file, case database, expenses incurred and any other administrative tasks on a timely and ongoing basis
  • The Casework Coordinator must work with the Fundraising and Finance Officer and Communications team for tasks which require collaborative working.


  • Reports to the Country Manager on a regular basis through weekly catch ups
  • Requests approval for all payments from the Country Manager.

Working environment

Located in Beirut, the working environment will be a combination of both field and office based work.

There may be times when the position holder is required to work on the weekends or evenings and undertake other duties which are broadly in line with the above.


  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in the field of social work, medical or child related areas
  • Minimum three to five years of relevant experience working in the humanitarian sector in Lebanon or elsewhere in the Middle East.


  • Fluency in spoken Arabic and English, French is an asset
  • Cultural sensitivity and adaptability to different environments
  • Experience working front line with vulnerable people in Lebanon or elsewhere in the Middle East
  • Strong interpersonal, written and oral communication skills with an ability to communicate to a wide range of actors
  • A demonstrable understanding of the current sociopolitical context and refugee crises in Lebanon and Syria
  • Experience of leading a team and or managing team members
  • Experience of financial management and a familiarity with administrative systems, including Microsoft Office
  • Ability to multitask and strong organizational skills.


  • Experience working with vulnerable children who have medical needs and corresponding knowledge of the principles and practices required when working with these children
  • A demonstrable understanding of medical issues which arise out of conflict situations
  • Existing relationships within appropriate humanitarian organizations and/ or medical providers.


  • Ability to work within INARA’s guiding principles.

How to apply

Please send your CV and cover letter stating how you meeting the job description to [email protected]. Both CV and cover letter should display your full name. In the the email subject, please state 'INARA Casework Coordinator application'. This position is only open to Lebanese nationals.