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Jamila lost her eye in an airstrike on her home in a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. “When she takes pictures on my phone, she uses an app to cover where her eye was with flowers,” her mother tells us.

The young girl lost her left eye years ago, but recently her right eye has become so infected that doctors warned that she could lose her eyesight completely without urgent surgery. Her mother works on a farm sometimes, but the money she makes can barely cover the cost of their rent, let alone the expensive treatment her daughter needs. Jamila’s father was killed in Syria and so her mother is the sole breadwinner in the family.

Jamila was referred to INARA by UNHCR. We recently provided the young girl with the surgery she so desperately needs. This comes as a relief to her mother, who has had to turn down work on the farm so that she can look after her daughter. In addition, her mother suffers from diabetes and has not been able to purchase the medicines she needs for herself, because she has been so concerned with her daughter’s wellbeing.

Once Jamila fully heals from this surgery, INARA will also be providing her with a glass eye. Both Jamila and her mother are very excited about this. “Children are afraid of Jamila because of her injury. Having a glass eye will make her feel beautiful again.”

INARA’s treatments not only change the lives of the children they work with, but also the entire family. Now that Jamila’s mother no longer has to care for her child constantly, and now that she can send her daughter to school without fearing that she will be bullied, this frees her up to go out and work. She will no longer have to save every single dollar for her daughter’s treatment, and so can begin to look after her own health needs. INARA’s treatment serves as a reminder that people in this world care for them.

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