Three year old Rimon has been in need of surgery on his arm for over a year now. “We just couldn’t afford the treatment,” his father explains. His family have become indebted to their neighbors just to provide basic, primary healthcare for their son’s burns, and sadly further treatment was far more than they could afford.

Thanks to donations from our donors, Rimon had a scar release surgery for his burns in August 2019.

Rimon was burnt a year ago. His sister was sick and his parents took her to the toilet to clean her up. While they were looking after her, Rimon, who was just two at the time, crawled towards the fireplace and put his arm in there, badly burning it.

Ever since, functionality was much impaired. “It was very painful for him,” his parents explained. “Even pushing himself up out of bed in the morning was too much for him.”

Now that Rimon is getting the treatment he needs, the family is more hopeful for their future. “He’ll be able to go to school without other children bullying him,” they told us. Rimon’s father, who works as a painter in Lebanon, also expressed that it means they no longer need to look after him all the time, which enables him to take on more jobs.

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