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Five year old Nawra and her family live as refugees in Lebanon. Because of the precarious nature of work for refugees in Lebanon, they are forced to live in a tent as that is all that they can afford.

Earlier this year, Nawra’s mother was making tea in their tent. While she wasn’t looking, Nawra ran into the tent, and spilled the tea all over her legs, badly burning herself. The family took her to the nearest hospital, where her wounds were cleaned, and a cream was provided for her. But for months since, Nawra’s parents have noticed that the young girl is struggling to walk.

Alongside this, Nawra’s mother is constantly fearing that the young girl’s wounds will become infected, because of the fact that they live in a tent on farm land.

Nawra’s cousin Matar has been receiving treatment through INARA over the past year, and this was how Nawra was introduced to INARA. At a medical examination at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, doctors advised that, given Nawra’s age, they should use silicone sheets on the burns on her legs for the next three months. After that, doctors will advise whether or not the young girl will need to have surgery to improve her ability to walk.

Regardless of treatment or not, Nawra’s parents are insistent that their daughter goes to school and gets an education. Both agreed that the treatment will definitely help not only their daughter to go to school with more confidence, but also give them peace of mind knowing that the burns on her legs will not inhibit her future.

Do what you can today to help children injured by burns in refugee contexts by donating to INARA now.

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