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“It was a beautiful, calm day,” Nawal’s mother remembers. The day that she lost so much is difficult for her to forget. “We decided to take the children to the nearby river so they could swim and have some fun.” It was at this point that they heard the frightening sound of warplanes heading towards them…

The family ran back to their house for cover. Fighting had erupted all around them, men were shooting other men and screaming. Noise was everywhere. Nawal was just one at the time, and was screaming. Someone threw a grenade through the kitchen window and then everything went quiet.

Their house collapsed. Nawal’s mother remembers sifting through the rubble trying to find her daughter. Someone from their village found Nawal. They dragged her out of the rubble by her leg.

Nawal’s medical needs

The family rushed Nawal to the nearest hospital. Her hip was dislocated. But after losing their house, Nawal’s mother wanted to get her children out of Syria as fast as she possibly could. She did not feel safe. She discharged Nawal as soon as possible and crossed the border into Lebanon, hoping for a better life.

But Nawal didn’t get better. The family soon realized her injuries were far worse than they initially thought. She couldn’t walk because of the pain in her leg. And as she got older, they noticed that that dreadful day had even worse repercussions for Nawal: she couldn’t hear or speak.

Her parents paid for the treatment she needed for her leg, but the treatment to recover her hearing was far more than they could ever imagine affording – with doctors estimating over $7,000.

INARA’s help

Nawal was referred to INARA by the Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon. We introduced the young girl to our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. They examined her and found that her ears are only functioning at about 20%. We will fit Nawal with a hearing device and also pay for a speech therapist, since she cannot talk due to her hearing problems. Doctors believe this will totally change Nawal’s life.

Her mother is so grateful to INARA for all that we are doing for her daughter. “I will be the happiest mother on earth,” she told us. “All I want in my life is to hear my daughter say the word ‘mom’. This is my dream.”

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