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It is hard to imagine what Amira’s family have been through. It is unimaginable for so many. But the tragedy that they have lived through is part of their reality that they cannot change.

In 2017, a fire took place at the refugee camp in which they live in Lebanon. The family’s tent caught fire, badly burning Amira’s face, arms and hands. Amira’s younger brother died in the fire. “We still can’t believe that our son is gone,” her father tells us.

Amira was rushed to the nearest hospital, and the family paid over $1,000 to ensure the young girl’s burns were treated properly. But as the hospital bills added up, they were forced to discharge Amira. Ever since, they have gone from NGO to NGO looking for help.

Amira met with our team of doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). They said that she will need a scar release surgery for the burns on her hand. This will enable her to move her fingers as normal, and, as her father said, go to school being able to hold a pencil in her hand.

Donations to INARA can change lives. It isn’t just Amira who will benefit from INARA’s treatment. In getting the help she needs, Amira’s parents will no longer spend every day worrying that the accident that took their son’s life and injured their beautiful daughter will ruin her future.

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