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Ghinwa’s family have been living in Lebanon as refugees for seven years. With the war in Syria still ongoing, they fear they will never see their home again.

Last year, during Ramadan, Ghinwa’s mother decided to send the boys to the barber shop as a treat so they would look nice for Eid. Ghinwa stayed at home with her mother. While her mother left the kitchen for a few moments to check on something, Ghinwa went in and accidentally spilled boiling water over herself. The burns on her left hand and elbow are now restricting her movement.

This is something we see over and over again at INARA – children badly burnt as a result of living in small, cramped apartments, often sharing with one or more families. Ghinwa’s case is sadly not unusual.

Ghinwa’s family tried to treat their daughter for a month, but their money ran out. Ghinwa’s brother has a hole in his heart and his treatment was sadly more urgent, and they couldn’t afford both. Her mother tells us that she worried about Ghinwa’s future during this difficult time in their lives: “I just want her to live like a normal person.”

Luckily Ghinwa was introduced to INARA recently. She will be provided a scar revision surgery and regular follow-ups to ensure full mobility is restored to her arm.

This treatment is funded by your donations and the support of our partners. Your donations matter so much.

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