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Five year old Gharib sat in the garden of the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) before his appointment and played with a flower. He couldn’t take his eyes off it. He was completely mesmerized.

“He’s become so shy since the accident,” Gharib’s father explains. “He isolates himself from others.” He was badly burnt in an accident at his cousin’s home. They were making food on the stove, and boiling hot sauce for the dish spilled over Gharib’s face, neck and chest.

The burns were a lot worse than his parents first thought. He had to have a surgery, which his parents used all of their savings to finance, but it failed. Ever since, Gharib has been “depressed” (as his father describes).

He hasn’t been able to eat without the assistance of his mother since the day of the accident. Closing his mouth to chew is impossible because the burns on his neck pull at his chin. He can barely be understood when he talks because of his injuries also. “He feels as though his childhood has been robbed of him,” his father explains.

This can all change today, though. Your donations can ensure this young boy gets treatment for his burns so that he can enjoy a meal again, and can be understood when he talks. Please donate today to help Gharib get the treatment he needs. If you can’t donate but want to help, send his story to your friends and family and help spread the word!

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