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Bilal INARA Arwa Damon

Bilal and his family live in a tent in Lebanon. This winter has been particularly bad in Lebanon, and they have been struggling to survive in the freezing cold snow that has piled up in the area in which they live. Keeping warm is difficult. In fact, it’s almost impossible.

It was while living in this same tent two years ago that Bilal was injured. His mother heated some water on the heater. While she wasn’t looking, Bilal placed his entire arm into the boiling water. He was wearing a shirt at the time and his burnt skin stuck to the fabric. He was screaming in pain and his mother didn’t know what to do.

She took him to doctors near to where they live, but said that the treatment for her son was “very bad.” Before we met Bilal, the burns on his right arm and hand made it extremely difficult for him to use them at all. The family were introduced to INARA through someone who lives near to them. “I had heard such good things about INARA and so I contacted them in hope that they could help me,” Bilal’s mom told us.

When he met our team of doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), they examined his arm and hand, and saw how much the burns are impacting his ability to use them. In early February he had surgery on his hand, to restore mobility. In early March, Bilal will be fitted with a garment on his arm so that the burns heal. He may need further treatment in the future, but doctors will examine his case closely over the coming months.

Bilal’s parents hope for a life free of disability for their young son. “All I want is for Bilal to get better,” his mother explained to us. “I feel very guilty that I couldn’t protect my son from this injury.” Thanks to your donations, Bilal will get the treatment he so desperately needs.