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Taj with her grandfather.

Taj with her grandfather.

It’s hard to imagine how much Taj has been through in the seven short years she has been alive.

She was only three years old when her home in Syria was bombed. Taj’s knee was badly injured by shrapnel from the bomb. Her mother’s hands and chest were badly burnt. Just a few weeks after this horrible incident, Taj lost her father in another bombing that took place where the family were staying with relatives. At such a young age she has lived through so much horror.

Bearing the scars of the war

The past four years have been a huge struggle for Taj’s family. After the bombing, Taj was hospitalized in a local medical center. Her mother, whose burns were life-threatening, was taken to Jordan to receive urgent medical treatment. Both mother and daughter were in the hospital when Taj’s father was killed.

Once her mother was better, she discharged Taj from the hospital as soon as she could and left Syria. They had too many horrible memories there, and they feared further violence would shatter their fragile family. They decided to come to Lebanon in search of safety.

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Despite her treatment in Syria, Taj’s knee injury continues to cause her daily anguish. “She gets very tired because she cannot walk for long distances without needing rest,” her grandfather explained to us when we first met. Her grandfather lost his arm in an airstrike in Syria. Her entire family bear the scars of the horrific war in Syria.

The treatment Taj needs and deserves

Taj’s case was referred to us by UNHCR. The young girl will need surgery to free her from the daily pain she suffers. Doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) have advised that, as a result of the accident, there is a piece of bone missing in her leg. They will implant a device to elongate the bone. This will be implanted for around six months to one year.

Taj and her family know that this is a long treatment, and that it will not be easy for her. But they have high hopes that it will alleviate some of her pain and restore some mobility to her leg.

A bright future for Taj

Despite everything that the family have been through, they still have hope for a brighter future. “Taj is a natural leader,” her mother told us. “She’s always teaching her cousins and siblings how to do things. It’s because of this that I am confident that she will be a strong woman in the future.”

Taj’s case, while harrowing, is not unusual. Many Syrian children are growing up with injuries that cause them pain and suffering. This is why your donations in 2019 are vital. Your donations can pay for treatment that ensure these injuries do not turn into lifelong disabilities. Please do something today by donating.

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