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Layan INARA Syrian Refugees

Layan was so traumatized by being burnt that she didn’t speak for two months. “She was so shocked,” her mother explains. “Still to this day she fears fires.”

It was just a few months after Layan’s family fled Syria that the three year old girl was badly injured. She was playing in her cousin’s home while her aunt was cooking. Layan came into the kitchen and tripped, knocking boiling water off the stove and over her chest, elbows and legs.

Layan’s family are so poor that they can barely cover the cost of their rent here in Lebanon. Tahaddi, a local NGO, are helping to cover the costs. So when Layan was injured, they didn’t have any ways to help their daughter without racking up huge amounts of debt.

Tahaddi put Layan’s parents in touch with INARA in September 2018. Doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) explained that Layan had third degree burns. They changed her dressing and explained that this would need to be done every three days by her parents.

Because of the severity of Layan’s burns, our team of doctors are not sure what treatment she will need. We are providing her family with medical creams to help treat the third degree burns, and will continue to bring her in regularly for follow-up appointments.

Layan’s parents dream of a future where their child is not scarred, both physically and mentally, by this horrible accident. “I hope that Layan will go to school and learn,” her mother tells us. Both Layan’s parents are illiterate and they hope for a different life for their children. “I want my children to be able to read and write. I want them to be something in the future.”

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