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Raghad’s mother used her neighbor’s phone to create a Facebook account. She had been told about an organization that might be able to help her five year old daughter, who had painful burns on her thigh after she knocked cooking oil over herself.

She had started to lose all hope that anybody would be able to help her when she messaged INARA’s profile. The family had spent more than $1,500 on treating Raghad, which was far more than they could afford. They had begged and borrowed from neighbors to pay for this, and yet still the burns on her thighs were causing her enormous amounts of pain.

Just a few hours after messaging, an appointment had been booked for her daughter to meet our team of doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). Dr Ghassan Abu Sittah said that her burns were restricting her movement because they had become so hard, and that she would need CO2 laser surgery in order to soften the tissue and free up her movement.

This has come as a huge relief to Raghad’s mother. She never believed that her Facebook message could have ever resulted in her daughter finally getting the treatment she needs. “It means so much to me that Raghad will get this treatment,” she told us. “It comes at the perfect time as well, because she will be starting school soon, and hopefully this will mean she avoids being bullied.”

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